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  • Provide Your Child with Tools for Success AT LSLC!

    Prepare your child for a successful future with the programs available at Little Scholars Learning Center in Fremont, California.

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Set Your Child up for Success at Our Learning Center in Fremont, California


Ensure your children excel with both school and extracurricular activities with the preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, and Full Day Kindergarten programs along with the after school programs offered at our learning center located in Fremont, California.

At Little Scholars Learning Center, we work closely with all students to ensure they each receive personal attention and care.

The teachers at Little Scholars encourage & motivate students to do more than just classroom work.

We ensure students treasure learning and their memorable years in our school. Apart from teaching a grade ahead curriculum, our Learning Center also offers music, dance, Hindi, theme oriented baking and cooking projects, Art and Crafts, and drawing and painting classes to students, so that parents can feel confident that their children are receiving a well-rounded education, and spare themselves the hassle of driving their children to various classes all over town.

We plan and implement developmentally appropriate programs and provide care that respects diversity and values of all children and their families. So, give your child a head start and the thrill of success for a lifetime at Little Scholars!


The Little Scholars Learning Center's philosophy is based on focusing on the WHOLE CHILD providing an environment where teachers, parents and children work together to facilitate social, emotional, intellectual, cognitive and physical growth; our program and curriculum are planned and carried out based on a knowledge of how children grow, and what is to be expected - socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically at each stage of development. Our program is also age appropriate, which means teachers take into consideration the normal sequences of growth typical of children within an age group, when planning curriculum. Our program is individually appropriate in that we recognize each child as a unique person with individual patterns of growth, individual preferences for activities, and having different family backgrounds.